Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kim's Algebra Post

Variable - a letter that represents a number in an equation or expression. ex. n+6=14
Constant - the integer in an algebraic expression or equation. ex. n-10=7
Expression - pattern- many answers. ex. 2x
Equation - only has one answer, has an equal sign. ex. 2x=6

One-Step Equations


1) Isolate the variable.
2) Cancel using the opposite
-constant is cancelled with zero pair
3) Balance - do the same operation on the other side of the = sign.
4) Verify to check.

Addition Question

Subtraction Question

Multiplication Question

Division Question

Algebra Tiles

- Isolate the variable
- Cancel the constant using zero pair
- Balance - do it to the other side
- Verify to check





Two-Step Equations


1) Isolate the variable.
2) Cancel the constant.
3) Balance.
4) Simplify the variable.
5) Balance.
6) Verify.

Verify to check.

Using Algebra Tiles To Solve Two Step Equations

Algebra Tiles

Here's links for one-step and two-step equations.

One-step Equations Video

Two-step Equations Video

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