Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shane's Algebra Post

Algebra - Writing mathematical phrases using letters to represent numbers.
Example: n+6=14
Variable - a letter that represents a number in an equation or expression
Example: a+11=20
Constant = the integer in an algebraic expression or equation
Example: 18+m=8
Expression -pattern -many answers
Example: 3x
Equation - only has one answer and an equal (=) sign
Example: 3x=9

Solving a One Step Equation:

1st Isolate the variable 
2nd Cancel the constant using zero pair
3rd Balance - do it to other side
4th Verify to check

One Step Equations and Models

Solving a Two Step Equation

1st Isolate the variable
2nd Cancel the constant
3rd Balance
4th Simplify the variable
5th Balance
6th Verify

Two Step Equations and Models

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  1. Shane, I really like your use of colour, but why is there such huge spaces that aren't needed? Next time add a link to your post.