Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shenna's Algebra Post

Algebra - Writing mathematical phrases using letters to represent numbers.
Example: n+6=14
Variable - a letter that represents a number in an equation or expression
Example: a+11=20
Constant = the integer in an algebraic expression or equation
Example: 18+m=8
Expression -pattern -many answers
Example: 3x
Equation - only has one answer and an equal (=) sign
Example: 3x=9

Solving a One Step Equation:

1st Isolate the variable
2nd Cancel the constant using zero pair
3rd Balance - do it to other side
4th Verify to check

One Step Equations and Models

Solving a Two Step Equation

1st Isolate the variable
2nd Cancel the constant
3rd Balance
4th Simplify the variable
5th Balance
6th Verify

Two Step Equations and Models

One Step equation

Two Step Equation video

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  1. Shenna, I really liked your algebra post. It was very concise and neat. You did a great job!