Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Derec`s Final Percent Video

Chapter 4 Understanding Percent

4.1 Representing Percent
-Percent means out of 100
-Another name for hundred
-65 means out of 100 or 65/100 or 0.65

4.2 Fraction, Decimal, Percents
-Fraction, decimals, and percents can be used to represent numbers in various situations
-Percents can be written as fractions and as decimals
Ex. 1/2 = 50% or 0.50

4.3 Percent of a Number
-You can use mental math strategies such as halving, doubling, and dividing by ten to find the percents of some numbers
-To calculate the percents of a number, write the percents as a decimal then multiply by the number
Ex. 12 1/2 of 50 = o.125 x 50
= 6.25%

4.4 Combining Percents
-Percents can be combined by adding to solve problems. 5% + 7% = 12%
-To calculate the increase in a number
-You can add the combined percent amount to the original numbers.
12% of 100= 0.12 x 100= 12


  1. Great post Derec, It's great you have the key ideas for each chapter. Next time you should bold or change the color of some title/words.

  2. Nice post, Derec. You seem to have everything quite organized in this post. As Paul had said a splash of color here and there wouldn't hurt.

  3. Great job Derec. It looks really neat and percent was really well explained. Next time add a little color to your post to make it stand out. Other than that, great job.