Sunday, January 16, 2011

Final Percent Post

In general percents are a way to represent numbers as a fraction out of one hundred. In this chapter we learn how to represent percents, how to write it as a decimal or fraction, how to find the percent of a number, and how to combine percents. Percents are essential to learn for it appears in our lives daily, like when we shop.

Representing percents:
Percents are used to represent numbers with a fraction out of 100. To show percent we used hundred grids, and filled them depending on the number we are representing. for example:

Fractions, Decimals, and Percents:
Percents can also be represented as fractions or decimals and can be used to represent numbers in different situations.

Percent of a number:
Using various mental math strategies, ratio tables, and changing the percent to a decimal and then multiply by the number you can find the percents of numbers.

Combing Percents:
Percents can be combined by adding to solve problems.

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  1. Good job, Anabella! You did a great job of explaining your knowledge about percents! But next time I suggest that you do your pictures in a thin black marker so it is easier to see.

  2. Great post Anabelle, I liked your written part it was very neat and organized. Next time try to put more color.

  3. Great post Anabelle. Your post was really neat and organized. Next time add some color to your post so it stands out. Other than that, great job.