Monday, January 17, 2011

Final Percent Post

 - means out of 100
 - another name for hundredths
 - 65 % means 65 65 out of hundred or 65/100

Chapter 4.1 Representing Percents
 - you can represent a percent by using grids.
ex. If you have a 155% and you need to present it using grids, you have to have 2 100 grids to show it. One grid has 100 boxes which means a 100%, so you have to shade 1 whole grid and in the second grid, shade 55 boxes.

Chapter 4.2 Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
 - you can convert or represent decimal, fraction and percent.
ex. 36% = 0.36 = 36/100 or 4/25

Chapter 4.3 Percent of a Number
 - you can find the percent of a number by writing the percent to decimal then multiply it to the number.
ex. 160% of $53.27 = 1.60 x 53.27 = $ 85.23

Chapter 4.4 Combining Percents
 - you can combine percent to another percent to solve problems. (5% + 7% = 12%)
ex. A girl bought a shoes that costs $150. Adding to this cost are the P.S.T. which is 7% and G.S.T. 5%. You may add the P.S.T and the G.S.T which is 12 % and the whole cost is 112%. Divide the 112% to hundred, 1.12, then multiply it to the cost of the shoe, $150 x 1.12 is equal to $168. This is the amount that you need to pay.

Here is the link to my Percent Scribe Post.


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