Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chelsea's Final Percent Post

What is a percent?

-means out of a hundred
- another name for hundredths
- 65% means 65 out of a hundred, 65/100 or 0.65

4. 1: Representing Percent

-you can represent a percent by shading in a hundred grid

For example: If you want to represent 130% on a hundred grid, you have to use 2 grids. Shade one full grid to represent 100%, then for the other one, shade in only 30% of it so that it will represent 130%.

4.2: Fractions, Decimals and Percents

-fractions, decimals and percents can be used to represent numbers in a lot of situations
-percents can be written as fractions and decimals

For example: 0.8% = 4/5%

4.3: Percent of a Number

-mental math strategies such as halving, doubling and dividing by 10 can be used to find the percentage of some numbers
-to calculate the percent of the number, write the percent as a decimal and then multiply the number

For example: 12 1/2% of 50 = 0.125 x 50 will equal 6.25

4.4: Combining Percents

-percents can be combined by adding to solve problems (e.g, 5% + 7% = 12%)
- when you want to calculate the increase in the number, you can add the combined percent amount to the original number

For example: 12% of 100 = 0.12 × 100 = 12
100 + 12 = 112

-You can multiply the original number by a single percent greater than 100

For example: 112% of 100 = 1.12 x 100 = 112

-Percents of percents can be used to determine amounts that result from consecutive percent increases or decreases

Here is my percent scribe post

If you are still have a bit of trouble with percents, here's a good website to go to.

My percent video:


Apparently, on the 4th question, the one dealing with which pair of shoes is a better deal, I got 'B' wrong.

Don't worry, the answer is still 'A', but for 'B', it's actually $80 - $32 which will equal $48.

Because, if it was $32, then 'B' would of been the correct answer. I'm very sorry for that mistake that I made in my video!


  1. Good job, Chelsea! I liked how you took initiative and edited the questions you got wrong.

  2. Great Job Chelsea, I liked how you explained that video and notified us about the mistake.Also your written part is very neat, but also add a little color.

  3. Great job Chelsea. Your video was really neat and easy to read and understand. Your written part was also neat. Keep up the good work.