Sunday, December 5, 2010

Math textbook: Pg.135-136 #1,3,6,7,9

Jordon is correct. When converting a decimal to a percent you multiply the decimal by 100 or move it up 2 place values.

I'm not all that sure about this one, but yes they can be both correct. Let's pretend the other team scored a total of 10 points. 500% of 10 would be 50. 5 times as many would also be 50.
(Check out Mark873's scribe. He has the same answer, but he explained it differently.)

(The answers for the following questions are highlighted and the shown work isn't.)

6.Convert each decimal to a percent and a fraction.

7.Change each decimal to a percent and a fraction.

9. Express each percent as a decimal and a fraction.

If you are having trouble understanding here's a link to a site you may find useful. It has a short exercise at the end to make sure you get what they were explaining. You can also take it to refresh your skills.

And of course, a video. This one is only percent to fraction, but I'm sure you'd find the other videos in the suggestions on youtube. Feel free to send me a link to another video,(because honestly, I don't like the monotone in their voices. It's not very enjoyable to sit through.)


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