Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Circular Prism Area

Area of base x height

We need to find the area of the base first
Our formula d/2=r 0.26m/2= 0.13m
0.053m=Area of base

0.053mx2.4m= 0.1272mx35m=4.452m
rounded= 5m


Diameter- cuts through the circle
Radius- Half the diameter
Circumference- Perimeter of the square


To Find:
Circumference= pi x d
Radius= d/2
Diameter=r x 2, c/pi Area=r x r x pi


  1. Great post Emily. You really explained how to find the answer good. Next time add a video and link.

  2. Good job Emily. You explained things really well. I also really like the pictures, but felt that they were a bit all over the place. I suggest you try to align them to one side. Also, a video and link would be great too, but this post was still pretty well done

  3. Good explanation, but next time outline your work in a thin black marker to make the pictures more visible because thay were a little vague.

  4. Great post Emily. You explained cylinders and formulas well. Next time make your picture a bit darker so it can be more clear. Other than that, great job.