Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vincent's Homework Book Post

Pages 78-79
Questions 5, 7 and 9
5. What is the volume of a right prism that has a base with an area of 15cm2 and a height of 7 cm?

7.Calculate the height of each rectangular prism.


9.Chad wants to cut back on the amount of treats he is eating. He has two chocolate bars to choose from. Which one has less chocolate? Show your thinking.

The one on the left has less chocolate.

Cylinder Volume and Volume Problems

904.32cm2 + 1 130.4cm2



  1. Good job, Vincent. Interesting use of pictures, but what's written in each of them is small compared to the space you left over in the pic. Either crop it or make the text bigger. Also, a link and video would be useful.

  2. Good job! Next time add a video or link to enhance your post! I liked the pictures.

  3. Good job on the post Vincent. Your post is very organized and have the information needed. For number 6 I think you should've added the prism to make it more explained to the people. Also a link and a video would help.

  4. Great job Vincent. I liked that you used colors well. I think you got the numbers wrong, like 6 is suppose to be 7 and 7 is suppose to be 9. Also add a video and a link to make your post better. Other than that, great job.