Friday, February 25, 2011

Winnipeg Harvest- Make Manitoba Hunger Free 8-14

1.What did you learn about Winnipeg Harvest?
What I learned about Winnipeg Harvest was that they depend on donations for food and that 56 000 people use Winnipeg Harvest every month. Manitoba also is the 3rd highest province that uses food banks. The goal that Winnipeg Harvest wants to achieve is to lock their doors and end their service. Another thing I learned that the volunteers that worked there have worked for 297 00 hours last year. Also, some of the volunteers I saw were challenged in a way.

2.Who does Winnipeg Harvest help?
Winnipeg Harvest helps people who can't get food. Winnipeg Harvest mostly help kids under the age of 18. Some of these people that use Winnipeg Harvest might also need moeny for food or medical help but can't afford it. Winnipeg Harvest gives out Basic Nutrition Kits to these people. A Basic Nutrition Kit is a kit that contains items from all the food groups like canned fruits. In one week, Winnipeg Harvest gives out 5, 500 Basic Nutrition Kits.

3.Where does Winnipeg Harvest get the food it supplies to its users?
Winnipeg Harvest gets their food they supply from donations, supermarkets like Superstore, Sobey's and from bakeries. Winnipeg Harvest also have donation bins at these supermarkets. Winnipeg Harvest also gets donations from schools. If Winnipeg Harvest stopped receiving these donations, they would run out of their food supplies in one week. That's why donating to Winnipeg Harvest is important.

4.What are the top 10 items needed in Winnipeg Harvest?

  • Canned Soup
  • Pasta
  • Canned or Fresh Vegetables
  • Baby Food
  • Cereal
  • Rice
  • Loaves of Bread
  • Canned poultry or fish
  • Peanut Butter
  • Canned beans

5.When you volunteered what do you remember about you job?
When I volunteered, I remember seeing all the food they had in their warehouse. When Kurt said that if they didn't receive any donations, that they could run out of food in a week, I thought to myself, "How can they, they have so much food here." Our first job at the warehouse was cleaning donation bins. That was kinda easy job because I clean the dishes at home everyday. When we were cleaning it was kinda gross because sometimes there were gross things in the bins and they didn't come off at first. After we finished cleaning the bins, we went to sort pasta. We went to the otherside of the factory and he gave us boxes to sort pasta into different shapes, type like wheat or plain and depending how they were packaged. After we finished working, I was really happy helping them out and I learned new things about Winnipeg Harvest that I never knew about.

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  1. Good job, Vincent! I liked how you explained things, but next time add some color to your headings so that it stands out.