Sunday, February 27, 2011

Winnipeg Harvest Visit Manitoba Hunger Free 8-14

What did I learn about Winnipeg Harvest?
I learned that Winnipeg Harvest is a big help for many people especially young children  all around Canada. In Winnipeg Harvest, many people donated goods and basic nutrition kits and every month 56 000 people use Winnipeg Harvest. Many food banks were connected to Winnipeg Harvest. Winnipeg Harvest works with other food banks in Canada and 80 child care agencies. Also if Winnipeg Harvest stopped receiving donations it would be out of food within a week. Many people volunteered to help on packaging the donations they have.

Who does Winnipeg Harvest Help?
Winnipeg Harvest help many people throughout Canada. About 56 000 people get food from Winnipeg Harvest every month. They also gives out 5 500 Basic Nutrition Kits with the food they packaged. Winnipeg Harvest help especially children in the age of 18 and below. They also send food monies for the medical needs of the children.

Where does Winnipeg Harvest get the food it supplies to its users?
Winnipeg Harvest is connected to many food banks in Canada. Many stores and agencies also give foods to Winnipeg Harvest to send to people who need it. Some bakeries donate breads, too, and like Sobeys, Superstore and other stores in Canada. There's also some company that gives them trucks to help sending the foods in Canada. Winnipeg Harvest receives donations everyday and it's very important because if they stopped receiving, they would be out in a week. They have to receive donations everyday.

What are the top 10 items needed in Winnipeg Harvest?
The top 10 items Winnipeg Harvest needed the most are:

  • Canned fish and poultry
  • Canned fruit and vegetables
  • Canned stew, chili,brown beans
  • Peanut butter (light)
  • Baby food
  • Whole grain pasta/Whole wheat pasta
  • Rice
  • Canned spaghetti sauce or tomatoes
  • Cereal
  • Canned soup

When you volunteered what do you remember about your job?
When I volunteered in Winnipeg Harvest, what I remembered was how much food they had in their warehouse that they sort on what kind the item is and package them. They have lots of supply of different kinds of food in the warehouse. We volunteered to work on cleaning some bins that was used for recycling foods and sorting different kinds of food like pasta, rice and cereals. Its pretty hard cleaning the bins and those bins are big. Working in Winnipeg Harvest is really hard if not enough volunteers work. Winnipeg Harvest is really a big help to many people in Canada and it's worth it to work and help them work even though its a lot of work to do. I think I would volunteer again next time.

That's not all what Winnipeg Harvest do, click here to know more about it.


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