Monday, February 28, 2011

Winnipeg Harvest-Make Manitoba Hunger Free 8-14

1.What did you learn about Winnipeg Harvest?
I Learned that 56 000 people use Winnipeg Harvest every month.Manitoba is the 3rd highest province that increase of food bank usage. Winnipeg Harvest goal is to lock their doors and end their service.

2.Who does Winnipeg Harvest Help?
Winnipeg Harvest help people who can't get enough food for their daily lives. They give out Basic Nutrition Kits that contains items from all the food groups. They also give out  5500 basic nutrition kits out of Winnipeg Harvest in a week, 1000 a day.

3.Where does Winnipeg Harvest get the food it supplies to its users?
Winnipeg Harvest get their food supplies from supermarkets, donation and bakery.

4.What are the top 10 items needed in Winnipeg Harvest?
Top ten items that needed in Winnipeg Harvest are:
1.Canned soup
2.Canned poultry or fish
4.Baby food
5.Fruits (canned or fresh)
7.Whole wheat grain or pastas
8.Canned stew, chili, and brown beans
9.Loaves of bread 

5.When you volunteered what do you remember about your job?
I remember that we rinse and wipe down retail donation and sort and box dry pasta, breakfast cereals and rice products.

For more info check out their website: here


  1. Wow, Great JOB John! I'm so glad that you learned all of these things. You did a good job, but I think that there are still things that you could improve on. For example: you could always spell check at the end of making your post, just to make sure. You could also have added your own feedback at the end, telling us of how doing this had effected your way of thinking. I still think that you did an excellent job, though. Good Job! :)

  2. Great job John! You gave some interesting information on your day at Winnipeg harvest. I agree with Kayla, you could of add some personal feedback on how contributing to Winnipeg harvest made you feel. Other then that great job!

  3. Good job, John! I remember going to Winnipeg Harvest back in elementary!I liked how you eplained your knowledge, but like Kayla said "add your own feedback,".