Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kevin's show you know post

Math Information : 4 children

volume of the rectangular prism = area of base x height
To find the area of the base = l x w
area of the base = 40cm x 24cm = 960cm²
Volume = Base x Height
Volume = 960cm² x 20cm
Volume = 19 200cm³
The total volume of the mini building blocks are 19 200cm³.

To find volume for 4 children you divide by 4.

19200 ÷ 4 = 4800cm³

Each of Mr.Chin's children will receive a volume of 4800cm³ building blocks.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my post, if you have any free time you should play this fun volume game and watch the videos below.
P.S. If you lost your notes or forgot the formula please checkout Patrick's note post. ←Click

This video will be talking about the volume of cones.

This video will be talking about the volume of prisms.

This video will be talking about the volume of pyramids.

Cylinder Volume and Volume Problems

The maximum volume of the capture envelope is 3234.9065cm³
d÷2 = r ╥x h = v
20.3÷2 = 10.15cm (3.14 x 10.15 x 10.15) x 10 = v
323.49065cm² x 10 = v
3234.9065cm³ = v

Laura, an office manager, has purchased a carton that is 300 cm × 400 cm × 600 cm to store 9000 boxes of files. Each box has dimensions 30 cm × 26 cm × 10 cm. Calculate whether all of the files will fit in the carton.
Yes it is enough, 1 carton can hold all files.
The volume of the carton is 72 000 000cm³.
(l x w) x h
(300 x 400) x 600
120 000cm² x 600cm
72 000 000cm³

(l x w) x h
(30 x 26) x 10
780cm² x 10cm
The volume of 1 box is 7800cm³, we need 9000 so multiply by the amount.
7800cm³ x 9000 = 70 200 000cm³


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