Monday, February 14, 2011

Patrick's Math Notes Post


BASE (of a prism of cylinder)
-Any face of a prism that shows the named shape of the prism.
-The base of a rectangular prism is any face.
-The base of a triangular prism a triangular face.
-The base of a cylinder is a circular face.

HEIGHT (of a prism or cylinder)
-The perpendicular distance between the two bases of a prism or cylinder.

-The amount of space an object occupies
-Measured in cubic units

-The different position of an object formed by translating, rotating or reflecting the object.


Volume of a Rectangular Prism.

area of base X height
l x w
6 x 5 = 30cm²

30cm² x 10 cm = 300 cm³

Volume of a Triangular Prism.

area of base X height

b x h /2
7 x 5 / 2 = 17.5 cm²

17.5cm² x 10 cm = 175cm³

Volume of a Cylinder

area of base X height
π X r X r
3.14 X 5 X 5 = 78.5 cm

78.5cm² X 10 cm = 785 cm³

These three videos should help you how to find the volume of a shape.


Cylinder Volume and Volume Problems

r = d/2
r = 0.26 m/2
r = 0.13 m^2

V = (π x r x r) x h
V = (3.14 x 0.13^2) x 2.4m
V = (0.05m^2) x 2.4 m
V = 0.12m^3

0.12m^3 x 35 = 4.2, (round up) = 5m^3

The volume of concrete required is 5m^3.

a)Volume with the missing piece = l x w x h
Volume with the missing piece = 10cm x 16cm x 10cm
Volume with the missing piece = 1600cm^3

Volume of missing piece = l x w x h
Volume of missing piece = 10cm x 6cm x 5cm
Volume of missing piece = 300cm^3

Volume = 1600cm^3 - 300cm^3
Volume = 1300cm^3

The volume is 1300cm^3

b) You can check your answer by dividing the shape into separate rectangular prisms.


  1. Great post Patrick. Your post was well organized and it was really easy to understand. For the red lines i'm not sure what it's for, but i'm guessing it for separating things from each other. Your videos were very close to what we learned and adding a link would be great. Great job.

  2. Great job Patrick! I liked how organized your post so it was easy to comprehend. I liked all the videos you put in, they are great for extra support. Overall, nice job:)

  3. Great job Patrick. Your post was really organized and was easy to understand. I liked how you separated your post by using a red line. Your videos were also really helpful. Next time add a link. Other than that, great job.

  4. Good job! Your triangular prism pictures was a little confusing to me. Maybe you should indicate which lines are which next time! I liked the videos though.

  5. Good post Patrick since I'm doing my post now I checked yours for the formulas and it helped me a lot. Your pictures and information was clear and easy to read. Next time add a link, here's a volume game that might help