Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Paul's 2 Minutes Reflection

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First Draft

Final Draft

In our fist draft there were definitely mistakes that we missed, while doing the video. When the students commented it really helped us a lot. Some of the comments were the same, but there are some that really helped us in improving our final draft. Some changes that we made were having the slides stay for a longer time and add transitions to our climax to show our change. Also we added our personal voice so that the audience will understand our information more.

As a group we found our expert when I was looking for information about child labour. I was looking for information when suddenly I found a youtube video about child labour. We looked at his channel and there we subscribed to his channel to be able to message him and ask for his e-mail. We got his e-mail and his name was Agnam Goly Diop. He also showed us a website that talked about other children issues. Three things that I would say Agnam helped us with are, informative information, ways that we can help prevent child labour and the other things that child labour can do to others. It was very helpful of him to help us and we would've never known more information if we hadn't seen his video presentation about child labour.

If we did not find an expert the important informations we have gathered from him would be gone. Our video would be less fluent for other people to understand. Also all the things we researched, some of those information were based from our experts understanding.

I think our greatest success in our two minutes project would be spreading the child labour issue by making our fliers and displaying them in unique places that are easily seen. Some places are at bus stops for people going down the bus to see. Though it did rain and snow a week later. The video was also a success because we did what we could. The skills that I would probably take away and use in the future would be my cooperation, organization and my leadership skills. Through out the whole project I was helping my group by taking and researching as much information I could find about child labour. Using my organization skills,I was able to organize all our notes and take them into a flowing way of information. Leadership, I used it when we had problems and give suggestions and take in others suggestions to fix that problem. Problems would be finding our working place or time we are all available to work as a group.

In the video process there was only the last part that frustrated me. Throughout the video making process it was very smooth when we made our first draft and post it on youtube. There on out is when it started to get messy. First of all we discussed as a group what we needed to change in our video. We had what we needed to change, but when it was time for me to change it, it wouldn't open in my computer, so we had to do it in school. We did our best putting in the right problems we need to fix. Our strategy was to work as a team and use what we know and what we could do to finish our final video.

The 2 minutes project is important to grade 8 because it will help them in future projects. We would need team work to finish our video. Also we would need to think about the skills we use to make our project the way we want it to be. Of course it'll be hard because everyone has different suggestions, but that's when we need our skills to manage those ideas. It would also help us in future jobs because we never know when we would need to research about a topic we know nothing about. We would need to find experts to introduce us about that topic and what we need to know about it.

In the future as I grow up, I would help by many ways. I would donate to issues that would really need my help and the attention to be prevented. I would also try to participate in many people's life if they would need me. I would be happy to help those who are in need and help them have a normal life.

  • I think this is my last post as a grade 8 math zone scriber. Thank You to all teachers that help me and especially Mr. Harbeck for this blog work to help us in the future.

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