Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kim's 2 Minutes Reflection


Google Doc.

Animal Cruelty: 1st Draft

Animal Cruelty: Final Draft

2. We have made a few changes to our final draft from our first draft. One of them was we added narration to the video. We also had changed the credits by changing the background colour so it would show up better. My group and I had made the music go on longer instead of stopping suddenly at the end. Yes, the student comments were very helpful in making our final cut better because we know that the audience would like to see in our video.

4. Unfortunately, we were unable to find an expert to help us with our project. We were unsuccessful because we did find one in the beginning but we found out that they were unable to give us information on our topic. We had attempted in finding another expert but we didn't have that much time left because some of our group was on the music trip.

5. I think that our greatest success in our 2 Minutes project was that we were able to complete it on time and at the best of our ability. I also think that we did a good job on finding and adding as much information to our video that we can in the time that we were given. Skills that I will take with me and use in the future are skills in how to make a movie and how to give advice to other people in how to improve their projects.

6. One thing that frustrated us was having to add our information and pictures to our video in a way that everyone liked. We were able to become successful by compromising and being able to organize our video with a little of the ideas our group members came up with. Another frustration that we had was having to add narration to our video. We were able to overcome this by asking one of our fellow classmates how they added narration to their video.

7. The 2 Minutes project is important to Grade 8 students because it made us aware of the many problems that are going on in the world. This has helped us understand these problems and learn how to make others aware of them. This project was also important because we learned how to make an informative video and work with a group. We also learned how to give constructive criticism to our schoolmates by giving them advice on how they could improve their video. Most importantly, we learned many ways we can take action and try to end these problems.

8. I will make a difference in the future by informing others about animal cruelty. I will also make a difference by avoiding purchasing products that use animal testing and by not abusing animals. I could also volunteer at local animal shelters.

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  1. Great job Kim! The fact that half of your group members were away on another education related trip it didn't affect your final product at all. In my opinion people that come back from a trip will have a fresh set of mind and thoughts which will enhance your video project.