Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Suzie's 2 Minutes Reflection


Animal cruelty final copy:

First draft:

2. The changes my group and I made were that we fixed the music so it wouldn't stop suddenly in the middle of the video and we added a voice recording. We also cleaned up the credits and added some more things to it. The student's comments were very helpful in making our video better because they told us exactly what needed to be fixed so we could get it done and make our video better.

4. My group could not find an expert. We all looked at various different sites and called some people, but they were unfortunately unable to help us. By that time it was too late and we had to get working on our project more so we didn't focus on finding an expert as much then.

5. Our great success in our two minutes video was that we were able to get it done on time and do a fairly good job. We also got a chance to make a difference and to help animals. Some skills we learned from this project are movie making skills and even some marking and advice giving skills by giving the other students advice on how to make their video better. We also learned a lot about animal cruelty and our knowledge could help animals in the future.

The things that frustrated me during the movie making project was getting all the information, pictures and music together and the planning of the movie. We all had different ideas, so it has hard to compromise and use a bit of each idea.

The two minutes project is important to grade 8 students because it gives them idea of the problems happening in the world and it gives them a chance to learn and how to make a difference in the world. It's also never a bad idea to learn how to make a life changing and informative video!

8. I will make a difference in the future by telling others about animal cruelty and by not supporting products that use animal testing, puppy mills or hurting animals. I could also make a difference by taking care of the animals I do or will have in the future so they don't have to experience animal cruelty.

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  1. Just like I said to Kevin. Use more subtle colours. I couldn't really read it because it blinded me. Different ideas can be hard to compromise, but the video turned out great.