Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Raelynn's 2minutes Reflection

2. The changes that my group and I did were our voices because it wasn't consistent and one of our group member couldn't record her voice on that day since she was busy. So we tried to changed the speed and quality of our voices. We also changed some pictures because it doesn't look like it was taken from Winnipeg. Also, we had to interview an expert and we needed pictures for evidence to show on how we made a difference. The comments helped our video improve a lot.

3. We checked out some sites for someone to help us instead of meeting him in person. One of the important facts were as long there have been people, there are more people that has less basic needs and wants. There are poor people in every country in the world and Winnipeg is the child poverty capital in Canada, more children are poor as well as their mothers. Winnipeg has no specific date to when poverty happened.

5. Our greatest success in the 2 minutes project was getting it done on time. We also had a chance to show evidence of making a difference before the due date. The skills that I would use in the future are good making movie skills. It helps on which song fits to the picture. And the time length - not too fast or not too slow.

6. While making the movie, the most frustrating part was finding pictures. Most of the pictures are from Africa, Afghanistan and other countries besides Winnipeg. We searched through every website to find that our teacher recommended. The only pictures we could find are in Canada, which Winnipeg is a part of. We had to find an expert to interview us so we can get some information for our topic and showing evidence by taking pictures of us making a difference. We were also thinking on what big question we can put on the video. It took us a while to think before the due date for our 2 minutes.

7. The 2 minutes project is important for the grade 8 students because it helps you learn on how to make a difference and what is happening in the world today. It helps you understand the problems in life and let others know this too. Making a difference is a good thing to do. It could be useful for helping out families and friends.

8. How I would make a difference in the future is to tell others that every kid deserves a chance to have something they need and not leaving them alone suffering from hunger and pain. Take action. Also, I can ask my family to donate foods or clothing that we don't necessarily need in Siloam Mission and Winnipeg Harvest. I'll also spread the word so they'll know.

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  1. Good job, Raelynn! That's a good idea of donating food you don't need and can spare to the rest of society that are less fortunate than you.