Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hanin's 2 Minutes Reflection

2 Minutes Reflection

Google Docs Powerpoint

2 Minutes Movie First Version

2 Minutes Movie Final Draft

In my first movie I just did the outline. Then when people commented I changed the backround and added more pictures. I didn't talk to an expert because I didn't find one. I looked on the internet but I didn't find anything. My partners didn't do any work so I ended up doing this by myself. I very happy that I finished it on time. I was most successful with that. I was one of the first people to post mine up there. What I found frustrating was Movie Maker, it kept freezing. I think that 2 Minutes is important for Grade 8 because it teaches about the many issues of the world that need attention. I will make a difference by helping issues such as child labour and poverty.

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  1. Good job Hanin! You worked hard on your 2 Minutes project. Now that it's done you can finally relax and let others enjoy your hard work, especially me.