Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kevin's Two Minutes Reflection

The changes we made between our first copy of our video and our final copy is some rewording in the words. We decided to change the grammar because some of our sentences didn't make sense. We also added our voices to our final copy to give the video more emphasis and meaning. Between our first copy and our final we decided to give more credit to our expert and to show people where we got most of our information. The comments our peers made helped us in editing our video becuase their suggestions gave us new ideas to include in our work.

We found our expert using the help of our friend Paul, Paul was searching child labour facts and ran into a youtube account that provided us with a huge amount of information. Our expert provided us with some examples of how we can help prevent child labour. Another point our expert helped us with is telling us what is child labour, he also helped us by telling us what kinds of child labour there is. I also learned a lot of information from him, thanks to him I learned a bunch of new things I never knew before.

4. I think our greatest success in our two minutes project was creating those fliers and displaying them in certain areas. The areas we placed them in were highly seen by people passing by, we placed them at bus stops and at sargent park. The skills that I would probably take away and use in the future would be my cooperation and teamwork skills as well as my leadership. Through out the whole project I was helping guide my group members when there was confusion. When we needed a place to figure out our plan and contact our expert I was there to cooperate with them and decide a place with a certain time.

5. What really frustrated me during the movie making process was the audio for the video. I had trouble on that because after we made our rough copy Paul had to finish it at school. But at school the audio files Paul put in for the rough copy weren't showing but you still heard it. So when we recorded our voices, it removed all audio. Which made me even more angry because we then had to add another piece of music behind our voices so the music won't stop and then play again. To become successful we took our time and realized what had to be done in order to finish it correctly. We took the new music clip and tried to smooth it in with the last music clip.

6. The 2 minute project is important to grade 8 students because it shows how capable we are at video editing software. It also shows how much we can learn about a certain topic in such a long period of time. Doing the 2 minutes project especially shows how capable we are at working with peers in a project that involved a lot of communication. Also the 2 minutes project is important to us grade 8's because it shows how long we can focus on a single topic without getting bored of it, or procrastinating thinking it's not worth anything. This project shows how we are all responsible in our own ways.

7. In the future I will make a difference by donating to UNICEF or another child labour organization. I will also help by donating to anybody in general, as long as I can make a difference in somebody's life it'll make me happy. Then maybe someday that person can pay it forward and help somebody else in need.

P.S. Bye Mr.Harbeck, Thanks for the wonderful year of math!!! ☺

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  1. WOW!! So bright colours. I suggest that you use more subtle colours. I liked how you left a personal message to Harbeck too. I understand how the audio and music can be a problem. It took me a long time to combine the music and audio too.