Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anabelle's 2 minutes reflection

Google Docs:

First Draft

Final Draft:

The changes that I made between my first draft and final draft are the following. I added more pictures to enhance the visual appeal of the entire presentation. I also quoted my expert, Stephanie on her opinion on why we should care about Child Soldiers. The last thing I did was show what I did to aid in the cause against it. Due to these changes I had to cut out some text to make room for them. This also meant that I had to add a bit more important mentions in the credits. The student's comments were very helpful. I wouldn't have seen my various errors if it wasn't for their wonderful comments. Not only that, I really appreciate the compliments on my video, both on YouTube and outside of YouTube. These comments gave me a huge confidence boost, and support while making the final copy.

I found my expert while looking through the various assignments posted by the University of Manitoba. I found an article on child soldiers written by Stephanie Scott, one of their students. (Her article can be found here.) I found her contact information via the Universities website. I asked her if she could help me in this project. She said that she might not be and "expert" on the subject, but she was happy to help with anything she could, and let me tell you, she assisted me in a lot. She even gave me another person to have as an expert. She was a woman who worked for the child soldier initiative. (Their site can be found here.) From Stephanie I learned plenty on the various and general topics of child soldiers. Things like: where in the world I could find them, what they do, how they're recruited, and even sent me some fact sheets. Tanye gave my information on what her organization does to help stop child soldiers. She also gave me information on how I can help. Stephanie also provided me with her own opinion on why we should care about Child Soldiers, which she happily let me quote so I could add it to my video. Sadly, I wasn't able to quote everything she said.

I really like how I decided to add my own pictures into the video. Drawing them were a way to express my thoughts on this topic through my art. I thought that it gave it more of an impact. I also thought adding the stories of some of the countless other children. I also thought that I made a great effort in trying to make my changes according to my comments. A skill I would take away to use for the future would be to take suggestions made by other people to better my work, and to have personal voice in my projects and assignments.

What frustrated me the most was finding pictures that I could use. Luckily I learned that you can find good pictures by typing things that could possibly relate to the project, instead of typing in your exact subject.

This project is important for grade 8 students because it takes our small perspective on the earth from having everything being about us to the harsh reality of other people outside our world. We are the future of our world. When we grow up, it is our responsibility as to how our world will move and change.

I will make a difference in the future by donating, fundraising, and helping out various organizations. The Child Soldier Initiative have a place on their site where you could donate money. I can also donate to UNICEF. I also hope to focus on other problems around the world.

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  1. OMG!! Remember our conversation? Back to the bright side.
    Great video and I liked how you linked the sites that you used which proved that you found a ideas from an expert. Also you are welcome for my wonderful comment...LOL. I loved the way you constructed your paragraphs with a vast vocabulary.