Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Arun's Text Book post page # 100 Q # 18 - 19

18. Q evaluate 9 squared.

B) Q Estimate the square root of your answer
in part a), to one decimal place.

C) Q c) Use a calculator to check your estimate.
Express your answer to the nearest

d) Q How close is your estimate in part b)
to your calculation in part c)?

19.Q Estimate √
160 100 . Explain how you
determined your estimate.

A) the square root of 160100 = 400.12


  1. Nice post Arun. It looks very organized and it helped me a lot when I got to those questions. Next time add a little color to your post and also add a video and a link to make your post better. Other than that, great job.

  2. Good job, Arun! I thought it was hard to understand because of the spacing but I the questions helped me out.

  3. Good Job, Arun. That reallly helped me out, thanks. I think you should have add some color to make it stand out more but overall good job.

  4. Great job Arun, I liked the you have the questions but I kind of got confused because of the spacings. Also you should add some color, link, video, and pictures to express your work more.

  5. Good job Arun! I likeed that you stated the question, but I sort of got confused of your layout and where did are the answers?

  6. Well done, Arun. I liked how you explained your post neatly. Next time, add some color, video, link and a picture. Other than that, good job.

  7. Good job Arun, I like how you explain your work. But next time you should add some colours to your work.

  8. Good Job, adding more color and a video will be very helpful.