Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Explain a² + b² = c²

a² + b² = c²

(3cm)² + (4cm)² = c²
9cm + 16cm = c²
25cm² = c²
√25² = √c²
5cm = c

To get the hypotenuse of a triangle, you need to use the formula a² + b² = c²
To find square root of 25, you need to use a calculator or watch this video :

Website about Right Triangles

I hope my scribe helped you.. ;D
oh yeah , the homework is the 6cm x 8cm thing
* to get ² you need to alt+253


  1. Colorful post, but next time expand on your work more.

  2. Great post, Paulo. The video helped me alot and thanks for telling us what our homework is. Next time, (I agreed with Duyen) expand more of your work. Other than that, good job.

  3. Great job Paulo. I like the pictures you drew and the video. I also agree with Duyen and Raelynn that you should expand your work more. Other than that, great job.

  4. Good job Paulo. I like the pictures you included in your post and the video helped. Next time, try to explain it more but over all good job.

  5. Good job,Paulo! The pictures were well done, and I liked the video, since it certainly helped me. Next time, you should explain about the triangles more, but other than that, great post!

  6. Great job Paulo!Your post was very good, but I think that you could of explained what we did in class in greater detail. Great video, and I liked how you gave us a link. By the way, we had to prove what the 8cmx6cm triangle's hypotenuse whas using the pythagoras equation. Overall, great job!

  7. Great job Paulo, I liked that your pictures are very descriptive but it would be better if you're words were more with the picture and more descriptive. I did find video helpful.

  8. Great post. You have nice pictures added to it. The video is very helpful too.

  9. Good job Paulo. I like the pictures. Next time, you should be more descriptive and also add a link. Other than that, great job.

  10. Good job, Paulo! I liked that you had a picture and a video and you also had colour so next time try to put a link.