Monday, November 8, 2010

Ryan's pythagoras scribe post

2.) A triangle has side lengths of 7cm, 11cm, & 15cm. Explain how you can determine whether it

or not it is a right triangle.

a² + b² doesn't equal to c². This isn't a right triangle

7) The sides of a right triangle measure 9 cm, 12 cm, and 15 cm

a) What is the area of each square attach to the three sides of the right triangle?

81 cm2 and 144cm2

b) Write an addition statement showing the relationship between the areas of the three squares?


c) Describe, using words and symbols, the relationship between side lengths of each square?

I'm sorry but I lost my paper for this one

14) Show weather each triangle in the table is a right triangle.

Triangle Side Lengths (cm)

A 9,12,15
B 7,8,11
C 7,24,25
D 16,30,34
E 10,11,14
Answer :
A is a right triangle :
9 square + 12 square= 15 square
B is not a right triangle
:7 square + 8 square= almost 11 square
C is a right triangle
: 7 square + 24 square = 25 square
D is a right triangle : 16 square + 30 square= 34 square
E is a right triangle : 10 square + 11 square = almost 14 square

18) The diagram is made of two right triangles and five squares.

I dont get this one . I need help..

sorry I did this late , I was busy during the weekend,


  1. Great job, Ryan! You add just the right amount of color, but next time add a video to improve your post.

  2. Great job Ryan. It looks very neat and i liked that you used colors on important words only. Also it helped me a lot when I got a question wrong. Next time add a video and a link and a picture to make your post better. Other than that, great job Ryan.

  3. Good job Ryan! Next time make your font size bigger so people can see it better.

  4. Nice work Ryan. Make your work more bigger so it can be read better. It's okay if you don't get some of the questions, and that's a great job even you're busy at weekend.

  5. Great job on your post Ryan, I think that that your font is a bit small. I liked that you still got it done. I liked that you showed your work but next time you should add a link and a video.

  6. Good job, Ryan! I liked that you had everything done! And you had colour on your post! But next time make your font a little bit bigger because I found it a bit hard to read.

  7. Great job, Ryan. I liked how your post was neat and organized with color. Next time, add a video and a link. Other than that, good job.