Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jieram's Estimating Square Roots

Pg. 99 #4 and 5

4. Estimate the square root of each number,
to one decimal place. Check with a calculator.

a) 72 b) 103 c) 55
answers: a) 8.5 b) 10.1 c) 7.4

5. Estimate each value, to one decimal place.
Check your answer with a calculator.

a) 14 b) 86 c) 136

answers: a) 3.7 b) 9.3 c) 11.7


  1. Great job Jieram. I liked that you used an even amount of colors. Next time add a video and a link to make it better. Other than that, great job.

  2. Great job, Jieram on the colors, but next time show your work.

  3. Good job Jieram. You should show your work on how did you get your answer on that question. And next time, Eplain it more to get it get it.Other than that, nice job.

  4. Good job Jieram. I like that you used a different colour for the questions and the answers. Next time you should show your work and maybe add a link and a video.

  5. Good job, Jieram! I liked that you had different colours on your post and it very easy to read!

  6. Good job Jieram, I liked that you have your answers for it. Ii would be btter next time if you have a video, picture, link and your work to prove it better.

  7. Great job, Jieram. I liked how you explained your post and how you used colors for the questions only. Next time, add a video, link and a picture to enhance your post. Other than that, good job.