Wednesday, November 3, 2010

jeremys math profile

Jeremy's Math profile

1. I would tell them that i don't like math because i find it frustrating . the best thing i did last year was integer's because i got a good score on the test .

2. My favorite unit was integers because it was the easiest. i did good withe rate but struggled with proportional reasoning i could study more and pay attention 100% of the time

3. I will do all my home work and listen to Mr. Harbeck . I want to learn algebra .

4. My favorite post that i did last year was my blog on bisecting angles blogging helped me progress because your thinking about what you did in class a second time. I want to do text book work.


  1. Interesting profile Jeremy, I liked that you were honest that math is frustrating ,but studying helps you improve. Also look over your post for some grammar mistakes.

  2. Nice profile, Jeremy. I like that you were honest in your post. Next time, you should read over your scribe before you post it because you might have made some mistakes. Other than that, good job.

  3. Good job, Jeremy! I liked that you were honest in answering the questions. Remember to edit your work after. Good job.