Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jae Anne's Estimating Square Roots

Estimating Square Roots

pg. 99 # 12 & 13

12. While stopping online, Ji Hun finds a square rug with an area of 11 m² . He needs to know if it will fit in his 4 m x 5 m bedroom.

a) Estimate the side length of the rug, to one decimal place.
√9          √11          √16
   3           3.2             4

b) Check your estimate with a calculator.
√11 m² = 3.3

c) Will the rug fit? Explain.
Yes the rug will fit since its side length is smaller than the shorter side of the room.

13. Stella is planning an outdoor wedding. She would like a square dance floor with an area of 115 m².

a) Determine the side length of the dance floor to the nearest tenth of metre.
√115 m² = 10.7
b) What are the two side lengths the dance floor can have that are closest to to what she wants?
10 m or 11m

c) What are the two areas for the dance floor that Stella can choose from?
100 m² or 121 m² 

d) Which area will Stella choose? Explain.
She will choose the 121m dance floor since it is much closer to her desired size.




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