Monday, November 1, 2010


Right Triangle

A right triangle needs to have a right 90 degree angle and have three sides.
The sides that make up the right angle are called the legs.

Side C is the hypotenuse.
The hypotenuse is always located opposite of the right angle.
The hypotenuse will always be the longest side on a right triangle.

This is a video that talks about the sides of a right triangle, it's pretty much the same thing, but its just to gain a visual perspective on the right triangle. If any of you found a link to a video or website, you can put it in your comments, that would be very much appreciated.

Here's todays homework:

You have to explain this equation: a2+b2=c2 (A squared plus B squared equals C squared, sorry I can't seem to make a proper exponent symbol for this). You can try to figure it out on your own, or you can do some research on it, the equation is made from an ancient Greek person called Pythagoras.

*Remember to study for the math test tomorow!*

I hope you all do well!


  1. Great post Sandra ! I really liked the video you posted and how you made some words stand out ! Also, thanks for reminding me about the homework, I completely forgot about it. One more thing, when I cant find a symbol, I always search for it on google. (:

  2. Great post Sandra. I really liked the video although it's short. Thanks too for reminding that we have a math test tomorrow. I hope you do well too.

  3. Good post Sandra! I like how you changed some words or letters to show how they were important. The video helped as well. If you can't make a symbol, try making one in paint, that's what I did last year when i couldn't make a symbol for pi. Again, good post.

  4. Excellent job, Sandra! You added enough color and a great selection of a video! Next time consider adding link.

  5. Great job Sandra. I liked how you made the important things pop out and thank you for reminding me about the homework and the quiz tomorrow. Great job and keep up the good work.

  6. Great post, Sandra. I really like how you added color to your post, but didn't use too much (like me.) A picture and a link to a site would've made the post even better,though.Other than that the post was fairly well done. here's a site I managed to stumble upon. Probably not the most useful site, but it should be at least a little helpful.

  7. Great post Sandra, I liked that you put the information in paragraphs to put all the ideas in one. I also like the colors to pop out the important word. I also found a website about pythagoras that might help much .

  8. Fantastic job Sandra, I liked how you evenly spaced your information into paragraphs. The colors were very interesting and I really like your encouragement to get people to study. I found out how to make the squared sign(²)you either have to do alt-253 or alt-0178.(Make sure your num lock key is on when doing so)

  9. Great post, Sandra. It was very neat and organized. I liked how you added the video and how colorful your post is. Next time, add a link and a picture if that may help other people. Oh, and thanks for reminding us about the math test.

  10. Good job, Sandra! I really enjoyed your post! I helped a lot in understanding. Good job for putting a video in too and for having colour!