Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Homework Book : Even Questions

a) a² = c² - b²
a² = 26² - 24²
a² = 676 - 576
a² = 100m²
√100m² = √a²
10m = a

b) b² = c² - a²
b² = 39² - 15²
b² = 1521 - 225
b² = 1296cm²
√1296cm² = √b²
36cm = b

a) a² + b² = c²
8² + 9² = c²
64 + 81 = c²
145cm² = c²
√145cm² = √c²
12cm = c

b) a² + b² = c²
6² + 10² = c²
36 + 100 = c²
136cm² = c²
√136cm² = √c²
12cm = c

I thought of the height as the line going upwards↑, the base as the bottom_, and the hypotenuse is the longest leg. I used B as the unknown height.
b² = c² - a²
b² = 11² - 4²
b² = 121 - 16
b² = 105cm²
√b² = √105cm²
b = 10.2m

No the ramp is not a right triangle because the areas of the legs added up to 13m². The area of the hypotenuse on the other hand was 25m². For the shape to be a right triangle the two values would have to be equal.

Here is a video and a link to a fun-filled Pythagoras game. ←Click that for the game ☺

P.S if you see a √ its a square root symbol.


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