Thursday, November 18, 2010

Paulo's Textbook Post page 110-111 numbers 3 7 11

a) Maria walked 420m

b) Walter walked 323m

c) Maria walked 97m further.

c² - b² = a²
80² -79² = a²
6400 - 6241 = a²
159 = a²
√159 = √a²
12.6 = a

The minimum distance is 279.1cm and the maximum distance is 291.7cm


  1. Great post Paulo, I liked that you explained your answer in a easy way using pythagorean relationship. Although for number 11 i saw that for the pictures both of them have the same hypotenuse. Overall, I liked the video but try to get a link next time.

  2. Great job Paulo. I liked that you changed the colour of the important words. You have a great video and link and you did a good job explaining the questions. But how did you get 3,b)? when I did it my answer was over 1000, I have no clue how I got that. Could you explain that please. Other than that it was a very good post.

  3. Good job, Paulo. I liked how you used the pictures from the book. It was really helpful in terms of reference. You could have shown the work for question 3, though.

  4. Paul, there is a link.. UNDER THE VIDEO.
    OH, WHOOPS. I forgot to put my work for question 3.. i'll just edit tomorrow and add it ok? :)

  5. thanks paulo! I missed the homework so your post was really helpful!

  6. Great job Paulo. I really like the pictures. Also it looks very neat but for number three you should show your work. Other than that, great job.

  7. Paulo, great job! But aren't I suppose to do questions 3, 9, 13? Overall your post was great and I really liked the pictures. Next time try adding a link.

  8. Good job, Paulo. But you used the wrong formula. You are trying to find a2, not b2. So the formula would be c2-b2=a2, not c2-a2=b2.

  9. Nice job Paulo! Your post was very good, I liked the pictures you used, but I agree with Julibella, you used the wrong formula, but thats okay, all those formulas can be complicated to remember. Overall, great job!

  10. Great job, Paulo. I liked how you used pictures from the math booklet. The colors also made your post outstanding. Next time, add a link. Other than that, good job.