Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Raelynn's Homework Book Post: pg. 33 Numbers 4,6,7

Pythagorean Relationship.
Homework Book pg. 33
Numbers 4, 6, 7.

4.) The foot of a ladder is 1m from a wall. If the ladder is 6cm long, how far up the wall does the ladder reach? Give the answer to the nearest tenth of a metre. Show your work.

a² - b² = c²
6² - 1² = c²
(6x6) - (1x1) = c²
36cm² - 1cm² = 35 cm²
35cm² = c²
√35cm² = √c²
5.9cm² = c² (round up will be 6)

It will be 5.9/6 far up the wall.

6.) The width of a rectangle is 8cm, and its diagonal is 17cm.

a) Calculate the length of the rectangle. Show your work.
c² - b² = a²
17² - 8² = a²
(17x17) - (8x8) = a²
289cm² - 64cm² = 225cm²
225cm² = c²
√225cm² = √c²
15cm² = c²

b) Calculate the area of the rectangle.

7.) A quadrilateral has a width of 17cm and a length of 26cm. A diagonal is 31cm. Is the quadrilateral a rectangle? Justify your answer.

a² + b² = c²
26² + 17² = c²
(26x26) + (17x17) = c²
676cm² + 289cm² = 965cm²
965cm² = c²
√965cm² = √c²

Answer: No, the corners do not meet at right angles because 17² + 26² ≠ 31²

Enjoy this video. Hope it helps.


  1. Great job, Raelynn! Next time add a link to enhance your presentation!

  2. The link is where it says "Pythagorean Relationship". (:

  3. Great job Raelynn, I liked that you have the answers for your questions. Although you didn't have letter B number 6, overall great job.

  4. Great scribe, Raelynn! The pictures are well done, and I liked how you had answers for each question. It was colorful as well. Good job!

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  6. Great post Raelynn. I really like your pictures. I just noticed the small mistake you make in question 4. the ladder is 6 meters not 6 centimeters and you kept on saying centimeters. Other than that i liked that you showed all your work and gave simple sentence answers. Keep it up Raelynn.

  7. Great job Raelynn. It looks very neat and i liked how you used the colors well. Great job.

  8. Good job, Raelynn. I liked the video you posted and all the colours were nice. Good job.

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