Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chelsea's Estimating Square Roots

Pg. 100, 16--17

16. Q: A tub in a fitness centre will install a square hot tub in a 6 m × 6 m room. They want the tub to fill no more than 75% of the room’s area.

a) What is the maximum area of the hot tub?

The max. area of the hot tub is 27 m

b) What dimensions, to a tenth of a metre, will the fitness centre order from the manufacturer? Explain.

The dimensions should be 5.1 m, so that the hot tub will not exceed the limit of 75% of the room's space.

17. Q: Carmel wants to mount an 18 cm × 18 cm square picture on a square board that is
four times the area of the picture.

a) What is the area of the picture?

324 cm

a = lxw
a = 18x18=324 cm
a= 324 cm

b) What is the area of the board?

² cm2

You multiply the area by 4 to get this number.

c) What are the dimensions of the board?

36 cm x 36 cm

Here's a link that I found about estimating square roots. If anyone has another or a better link that I should use, please comment and I will be sure to use it!

Here's a video to help you guys with estimating square roots:


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