Friday, October 29, 2010

Arun and Parick's Sesame Street video

Patrick - Cookie Monster
Arun - Math Monster

Compares two quantities measured in different units
Unit Rate
A rate in which the second term is one
Unit Price
A unit rate used when shopping

Example: I eat 2 cookies in 2 minutes, that means I eat 1 cookie per minute.
1 cookie/min


Two Term Ratios
Compares two quantities measured in the same units
Example: I eat 2 cookies and there are 4 in the jar. That makes it 2:4

Proportional Reasoning
A relationship that says that two ratios or two rates are equal.
Example: If I eat 1 cookie in 1 minute, then that means I eat 8 cookies in 8 minutes.

I couldn't find the video on Youtube, so here's a link of "Cookie Eats The Letter N"

Cookie Monster is trying not to eat the letter of the day.

Remake: Cookie Eats The Letter R


  1. Great idea with the sock puppets that was very creative.

  2. Interesting choice of video guys, Not a lot of people did sock puppets for their video. I like that you really got into cookie monster's character and explain rate, ratio, and proportional reasonings.

  3. Nice video you guys. It was very creative and it was really well explained. Great job.

  4. Nice video, guys. I liked how you explained rate, ratio and proportional reasoning using sock puppets. Great job.

  5. Good job, Arun! I really liked your video! I liked that you used socks as puppets and it was really easy to understand what you were saying. Good job!