Saturday, October 30, 2010

Duyen's Scribe 5 Page 86 Questions 18, 20, 22

Question 18:

Square have equal sides, so side x side= area. 14x14=196 or 14 squared equals 196.

Question 20:
a)Length x Width= Area, 9m x 4m= 36m squared

b)Length of side length= 6 because area of rectangle and square are equal. So what number squared gets 36? That's right 6 squared.

Question 22:
a)630m by 630m, 630 squared equals 396 600m squared

b)395 641m squared because 629 squared equals 395 641

c)622 squared (equals 386 884), 623 squared (equals 388 129), 624 squared (equals 389 376), 625 squared (equals 390 625), 626 squared (equals 391 876), 627 squared (equals 393 129)

Enjoy this fun video about squared numbers and here's a link to explore squared numbers!!


  1. good jod duyen ang cool video to keep it up

  2. Great job on the post Duyen, I liked that you have the answers and the work but I think you should put the question. I also enjoyed the video i just wish that game is real.

  3. Great job, Duyen! You answered the questions in an easy to understand way, and I liked the video. Next time, putting a question might make it easier for people to make more sense of the work. Once again, great job!

  4. Good job Duyen. I really enjoyed the video. Next time add a link to make it better. Other than that, great job.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone and next time on my posts I will be thinking of considering adding a link.

  6. Great job, Duyen. An understandable way to answer these questions. I liked how you add some color to your post. Next time, add some questions so that way it may be easier for others, and a link. Other than that, good job.

  7. Good job, Duyen! I liked your post a lot! I loved your work, your explanations, and your video you posted! Good job!