Friday, October 29, 2010

Jam's Sesame Street Video Post

ratio-two term, three term ratio, part to part and part to whole.
two term-compares two quantities measured in the same units.
three term-compares three quantities measured in the same units.
two term: 2:3 three term: 2:3:4

rate- unit rate and unit price.
unit rate-a rate in which the second term is one.
unit price- a unit price is used when shopping.
unit rate- 10km/3hrs unit price- $.98/pencil

proportion- a relationship that says that two ratio or two rates are equal.
proportion can be writtn in fraction form.
sesame street


  1. Good job on your post Jam, I liked the written part and the video. I would prefer though that you put some colors on some words.

  2. Great post Jam. I really like your video and your written part was nice. Next time add a little more color to your post. Other than that, great job.

  3. Nice post, Jam. Next time, add some color in your post and maybe show your video other than showing it on a link. But anyways, great job.

  4. Goo job, Jam! I liked your video, but you should've put the original video on your post.