Friday, October 29, 2010

Shane's Math Profile

Hi, my name is Ann Shane but you can call me Shane. 
I take grade 8 math. If someone asked me "Do you like math?",
I would say that I liked it so much. I'm not really the strongest
student in math but I enjoy trying to figure out the answers to
problems and learning new strategies in math. One of the best
things that I've ever done in a math class was doing strategies and technics.

Im kind of new here in Sargent Park but I really enjoy studying
here. Something I could do this year to not struggle so much would
be to practice the things that I need to improve on more.

It is grade 8 now. This year I will try my best to finish all of the work
that is assigned to me. I will also try to ask more questions if I don't
understand something. I am looking forward to learn some new
strategies to solve math problems this year.

On the computer, this year I would like to be able to play some math
games to help me understand the unit more. I dont have any post before
cause im new soo yeah! I will try my best to make my post better.


  1. Good paragraphs, but next time edit your puncuation before posting something.

  2. Interesting profile Shane, I liked that your willing to know more about math and do whatever you can to get better. I also agree with the math games because it helps us more.

  3. Good job, Shane! I liked that you answered the question honestly, but a tip is to check over your work.