Monday, October 18, 2010

Kayla's Sesame Street Video Post

Kayla S
- The dealer
Shane A- The buyer
Kim C- The shy camera women

Part 1

two-term ratio- compares two quantities(things) measured in the same units
three-term ratio- compares three quantities(things) measured in the same units
part-to-part ratio- compares different parts of a group to each other
part-to-whole ratio- compares one part of a group to the whole group
(ex. one: two/ 1:2, one: two: three/ 1:2:3, apples to bananas/ 2:7, quarter: dollar/ 1:4)

rate- compares two quantities in different units
unit rate- a rate in which the second term is one
unit price- a unit rate used when shopping
(ex. 3 erasers/ $0.75, 64 heart beats/ 1 min, $3.00/100 g)

proportion- a relationship that says that two ratios or two rates are equal
(ex. erasers/ $ 3 erasers/ $0.75 = 12 erasers/ $3.00)

Part 2


  1. Graet post Kayla, I liked the written part of your post because the colors make them really pop out. Your examples for the video were great but i couldn't really see them, good thing you said them. Great job.

  2. Good job Kayla. like the way you have written your post and you have used different colours so that your work can stand out.

  3. Good job, Kayla. The colors you've added in caught my attention. And the video, it's nice to hear how you explained it.

  4. Nice post Kayla, Shane, and Kim. It was really well done and I enjoyed it. Good job and i hope to seeing more of your posts and videos.

  5. Great job! Kayla. I like how you used a lot of colour, it makes it stand out.

  6. I liked your video it was very well done and funny.

  7. Good job, guys! I liked your video. You made rates and ratios sound very interesting and funny, I want to buy a rate or ratio now! You sounded very amusing and secretive as if you were selling something illegal. Once again, good job!

  8. Great job Kayla! I loved the colours in the written part of your post. Great video it was really interesting and you explained everything well. Once again great job!