Sunday, October 3, 2010

Emily's Math Profile

Hi my name is Emily. I go to Sargent Park school and am in grade 8. If I were asked if I liked math I would have to d=say it depends on the teacher. Take Mr. Isfeld for example, Sometimes he scared me. Sometimes he was hard to follow. But mostly he was a ver good teacher. Now Harbec, I have heard very good things about you and I hope I have just as good a year as my sister did.

The unit I did best in last year was Mean, median and mode because I liked how easy and striaght forward it was. I struggled in most-no all of the math units last year. But the one that was the hardest was multipliying decimals, fractions and mixed numbers. It was very complicated for me because whenevr I thought I thought I had it right I was still doing something wrong. What I could do this year in grade 8 to help me understand....

1. Pay extra close attention in class
2. Make sure I understand all my homework
3. Ask questions even if Im scared to

What could I do yo become a better student....

1. Stay organized
2. Keep track of unfinished work
3. Keep track of finished work.
4. Do all homework
5. Studie for tests

This year I dont know what I want to learn about. But whatever it is I hope its not to hard. This is a blog I worked really hard on last year. Its an exam review for circumference and area of a circle. Blogging helps me to get better at working with the computer and is helpful if I dont have the math homework assigned for the day. I want to find some helpful math websites which I could use if I dont understand something in math on the computer.


  1. Emily, Ihope your sister's opinion is right that Harbeck is a great teacher, but judging by the time we had with him I think that this year is going to be one of the best classes we've ever taken!

  2. Emily, great job on listing what to do to become a better student. Don't be afraid to ask questions because it'll help you in math. Next time, check your spelling.

  3. Interesting profile Emily, I really liked that you actually have a list on how you can improve yourself. I noticed that you have a lot of things that you learned last year and i hope you learn more things to improve your math skills, great job.

  4. Great job Emily! I had trouble with the multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals too, I understand it can be very confusing at times. I liked how you set up your post with steps on how to be a better math student. Try to check your spelling next time, you made a few errors. Overall, great job!

  5. Nice post Emily. I like that list you made and I agree on all those thing on how to be a better student. Good job.

  6. Good job, Emily! I liked that you listed the things you would do to improve. It made it easier to understand. I really enjoyed reading your post. Good job.

  7. Good job Emily! Your profile's very interesting. I liked the way you made a list on what you could do this year in grade 8 to help you understand and how to become a better student. It makes it easier to understand plus I agree on all the things you listed and next time use a spell check. Anyway nice work and keep it up!

  8. Good post Emily. I could relate on how converting numbers into fractions, decimal and percents can be hard. Next time, check you spelling.

  9. Good Post Emily, but next time reread for errors!

  10. Great post Emily. You said a lot of things that made a lot of sense- Isfeld scared me too. However, next time, you might want to check for errors: you made quite a few. You might want to type a little slooowwwwer. Anyways, good job.

  11. Great post, Emily! Yeah, I hope I don't have the unicorn dream ever again. Your post made a lot of sense to me, and your list for what you could do to become a better student helped me out, too. Next time, just click the little spelling button, and all the previous comments about spelling errors could have been avoided. Either way, good job!