Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kim's Sesame Street Video

Group members: Kim C., Kayla S., and Shane A.

Part 1:

two-term ratio- compares two quantities (things) measured in the same units.
three-term ratio- compares three quantities measured in the same units.
part to part ratio- compares different parts of a group to each other.
part to whole ratio- compares one part of a group to the whole group.
Example: apples to bananas, 7:20, red squares to total squares, 6:12

rate- compares two quantities in different units.
unit rate- a rate in which the second term is one.
unit price- a unit rate used when shopping.
Example: a person's heart can beat 64 beats/minute or a car can move 20 km/hr.


proportion- a relationship that says that two ratios or two rates are equal.
Example: you can use proportion to find out what a dozen erasers cost if three erasers cost $0.75. 2/3 = 6/9

Part 2: Wanna Buy An Eight Ernie?

Part 3: Wanna Buy A Rate Or Ratio?


  1. Great job Kayla,Kim and Shane! I liked that you explained ratios and rates well. I also liked your examples and drawings. I also heard kayla say "Show it to the camera" to shane for the proportion paper, you shoul've rehearsed it a little first.

  2. Another amusing video. The audio wasn't the best quality, and it was a bit hard to hear. Although, I'm sure you did your best with the time you had, seeing as though we had only one class to work on it.

  3. Good job Kim, Kayla and Shane. Next time, you guys should rehearse more alittle or have the paper near by but no in the scene.

  4. Good job Kim,Kaya and Shane but next time try not to use the paper alot.

  5. Well done Kim, Kayla and Shane. You must put alot of effort in the video. I liked how you added in the title and credits. Next time, it would be nice if you memorize your lines alittle than staring at your papers alot.

  6. Great job Kim, Kayla, and Shane. I really enjoyed it. Next time you guys should rehearse more, but other than that, great job.

  7. Good Job Kim, Kayla, and Shane! but next time, don't read your script alot