Friday, October 29, 2010

Emily's Sesame Street Video Post

Group- Cookie monster video


two term Ratio- compares two quantities measured in the same units
three term Ratio- Compares three units measured in the same units
part to part Ratio- Compares different parts of a group
Part to whole Ratio- Compares one part of a group to a whole
Examples: 2:3, 2:3:4 boys:girls.


rate- Compares 2 quantities measured in different units
unit Rate- A rate in which the second term is one
unit price- A unit used when shopping
examples: 72 beats/1min 20 km/ 1h


proportion- A relationship that says that 2 ratios or 2 rates are equal
example: How much will 12 mp3 players cost if 3 cost 75$ Mp3 12
3 300$


  1. Great props with the cookie, but next time use some less bright colors because it ma hurt someone eyes.

  2. Great job on your post Emily, I liked that you have a written part but I think you should change some of the light colors. I also think that your video was funny because of the cookie but i don't know if its suppose to end like that.

  3. Great colorful post Emily. I like your video and it made we crave for cookies. Great job you guys.

  4. Colorful post, Emily. You guys did a great job on your video, especially the cookie.

  5. Good job, Emily! I really liked your post! It was colourful, but yellow was a little bit hard to see. So, next time go with a darker colour. But other than that, good job!