Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kevin, Vincent and Paul's Sesame Street Video

Vincent-School Boy
Paul-Camera man


Two Term Ratios
- Compares two quantities measured in the same units
Examples: A:B , 7:13, 7 to 13

Three Term Ratios
-Compares three quantities measured in the same units
Examples: A:B:C, 7:13:4, 7 to 13 to 4

-Compares two quantities measured in different units
Unit Rate
A rate in which the secnd term is one
Unit Price
-A unit rate used when shopping
Examples: Car going 2km/hour, $0.50/piece

A relationship that says that two ratios or two rates are equal.
Examples: You can use proportion to figure out how much a dozen of erasers will cost if 3 erasers cost $0.75.
Cost $3.00 3 multiply by 4 is a dozen
Cost $0.75 0.75 multiply by 4 is 3.00

Sesame street Video: Grover: Smell like a monster

Rewrite: Listen to Harbeck


  1. Well, that was quite amusing. Good job guys. Interesting choice of settings. The boys washroom, I still can't believe you sat on those toilets.

  2. I loved the video you chose.You made it funny and enjoyable. Good job

  3. Nice scene! Was anyone staring at you in the washroom?

  4. Good job guys. The video seems funny to me. But I can't believe you were in the washroom.

  5. Nice job, guys. You do realize you are supposed to do your own posts. LISTEN TO HARBECK! Sorry, I just had to say that. The washroom part was weird no doubt; I am reeling in shock of the fact that you were actually sittng on the toilets. Talk about unsanitary... anyways you guys did a good job... except for LISTENING TO HARBECK! Sorry, I just had to say that again. Again, GREAT JOB!

  6. Nice video. It was really funny to me and I enjoyed it a lot. Good job and I hope to seeing more of your videos.

  7. So that's what the guys washroom looks like! Strange setting, but thats what made it unique and different, although I do have to agree with Meldrick, who knows how many germs and...ugh!I think you get the picture. I do give you credit for your courage to actually sit on those toilet seats. I also liked how you included bloopers in your video, if my group would of done that all you would see and hear would be piercing screams and everlasting laughter. One think I have to let you know is that we were supposed to make our own individual posts, but I understand how that could be confusing. Overall, great video!

  8. AWESOME Video Paul, Vincent, and Kevin! its very funny and interesting ! (x