Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Estimatating using perfect squares, prime factorization and number line

Homework from yesterday
- Estimating using perfect squares

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200- in between the perfect squares 196 and 225.
- 225 is bigger than 200 so that number won't work
- so that leaves us with 196 aka 14x14
- If 196 is 14x14 that means that 200 will be 14._x14._=200 because we know that 225 which
Is to big being 15x15 or the next highest perfect square.

37-in between perfect squares 36 and 49
- 49 is bigger than 37 so it won't work
- which leaves us with 36 aka 6x6
- so if 36 is 6x6 that means that 37 will be 6._x6._=37 because we know that 37 which
to big being 7x7 or the next highest perfect square

850- in between perfect squares 841 and 900
- 900 is bigger than 850 so it won't work
- which leaves us with 841 aka 29x29
- so if 841 is 29x29 that means that 850 will be 29._x29._=850 because we know that 900 is
to big being 30x30 or the next highest perfect square

77 - in between perfect squares 64 and 81
- 81 is bigger than 77 so it won't work
- which leaves us with 64 aka 7x7
- so if 64 is 7x7 that means that 77 will be 7._x7._=77 because we know that 81 is
to big being 8x8 or the next highest perfect square

Number Line

-Different colours for the pefect squares
-show what x what = the number your trying to get to

Im sorry my computer won't let me put pictures or vidoes.

so heres a link for a Prime Factorization video.
and another link for prime factorization which is a website which has pictures
and then here is my actual link (make sure to turn off the volume if the play the game)


  1. Great job Emily. I am not the best at this estimating stuff but I'm sure that people with future comments will say it was great as well. I liked how you highlighted the numbers red, the link that nice blue and I love that purple. Thanks for putting down today's homework

  2. Great post Emily. Shame about the pictures,and video, though. I especially liked the game you put a link to, it made the post a lot more entertaining. It also put my skills to work so I could see if I truly understood the lesson. Keep up the good work.

  3. Nice post, Emily! Sorry that you can't put the pictures and the video, that's alright. I liked the colors you used to highlight the important words, they're quite bright and easy to catch the reader's eye onto. The link to the game made your post a lot more interesting, and it also helped people understand what the lesson was about. Keep up the great work!

  4. Good job, Emily! I liked that you had several links to go to and you used different colours of some words to show importance, but I thought that the way you laid out your examples was a bit confusing. Other than that, you did a good job!

  5. Great scribe, Emily! It really brought my attention to the colorful important words!

  6. Great job Emily. I really like the links you gave, especially the one with the game. I thought it was fun and educational. Good job and keep up the good work Emily. Also hope to seeing more of your posts.

  7. Great post Emily! Before I'm really confused but thanks to your post I now understand it better. The game was really fun & educational.

  8. Great post Emily, I really didn't like that you didn't put a picture or a video for your post, but I understand computers can be like that at sometime. I really that you were being really detailed about the perfect square.I also enjoyed at different sites mostly the math playground, great job.

  9. Great job, Emily. I liked how you gave a few links to us, it was really helpful. I also liked how you made your post nicely detailed. And the colors caught my attention. Sorry that you couldn't add pictures and a video, but that's okay. You did a nice job.