Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shenna's Sesame Street Video Post

Members: Shenna Fauni, Raelynn Llemit and Ivory Terry

Part 1
Two Term Ratio - compares two quantities measured in the same units
Three Term Ratio - compares three quantities measured in the same units.
Part to Part Ratios - compares different parts of a group to each other.
Part to WHole Ratios - compares on epart of a group to the whole group.
Examples - Red to Brown to Blue M&Ms is 3:4:3

Rate - compares two quantities measured in different units.
Unit Rate - a rate in which the second term is one.
Unit price - a unit rate used when shopping
Examples - 72 beats/min, $4.50/100g

Proportion - a relationship that says that two ratios or two rates are equal
Examples - 5/10=1/2, 2/3=6/9

Part 2
It may not be the exact video but it's just where we go the idea from.

Part 3
Shenna tells everyone the definition and examples while Ivory hold up the words and pictures, as for Raelynn, she's filming.


  1. good job. iliked the colour you used and the way you explained everything!

  2. Nice video guys. It was really well explained and I also like you pictures. Good job.

  3. Interesting choice of video girls. I liked that you used the original sesame street video to make a common video.

  4. A commendable job, Shenna. A far cry from the other videos. Not that I did not like the other videos, it's just that I've seen far too many, "Wanna by a rate?" Yay, for not being lazy.

  5. Good job, Shenna, Ivory and Raelynn! You explained very clearly what ratios were, and you had great examples! You also picked a type of sesame street video that most people did not. Good job!

  6. Great job girls! Your video was very unique and you did a great job explaining everything, good job!

  7. Good job you guys! You're video was creative and I also liked the video you chose. Good job!

  8. Great job guys, I thought your video was creative and different and it explained everything really well, great job!

  9. YAY!! Good Job, Girls!! i liked right from the start that you did something that i didn't know about before. It was an interesting choice for a video, and i think you did a very good job with it. It's good to be creative once in a while! Good Job! :)

  10. good job.youre videos was very creative and i like how you explained everything..

  11. Great job on explaining the definitions and the examples, Shenna. I thought we did pretty well.