Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kevin's Sesame Street Video

Group Members :
Kevin (me) : Grover
Vincent : School boy (didn't listen to Harbeck)
Paul : Camera man and editor

Two Term Ratios
~ Compares two quantities measured in the same units
A : B , 5 : 23 , 23 to 5
Three Term Ratios
~ Compares three quantities measured in the same units
ex. A : B : C, 5 : 23 : 9, 5 to 23 to 9

~ Compares two quantities measured in different units

Unit Rate
~ A rate in which the second term is one
Unit Price
~ A unit rate used when shopping
ex. Car traveling 3km/hr, $1.00 / gram

~ A relationship that says that two rates or two ratios are equal
ex. Use a proportion to figure out cost of a dozen erasers if one costs $0.25.
1 eraser x 12 = 12 erasers, $0.25 x 12 = $3.00.

Sesame Street Video (Smell Like a Monster)

Rewrite (our version)


  1. Nice video you guys. I thought it was really funny and I like the bloopers. Good job and i hope to seeing more of your videos.

  2. Nice video! Did anyone look at you guys in the boys washroom? It was really funny!

  3. Good job, Kevin! I liked the choice of video you made! And your descriptions was great. Good job.