Monday, October 18, 2010

Raelynn's Sesame Street Video

Ivory - Dorothy
Shenna - Elmo
Raelynn - Camera Person

Part 1
Two-Term ratio - Compares two quantities measured in the same units.
Three-Term ratio - Compares three quantities measured in the same units.
Part to Part ratio - Compares different parts of a group.
Part to Whole ratio - Compares one part of a group to the whole group.
Example: Chocolate chips to M&Ms in a cookie is 5:4

Rate - Compares two quantities in different units.
Unit Rate - A rate in which the second term is one.
Unit Price - A unit rate used when shopping.
Examples: 66.6km/1hr, 72 beats/min.

Proportional Reasoning:
Proportion - A relationship that says two ratios or two rates are equal.
Examples: 3/6=1/2, 2/3=6/9

Part 2: Original Video.

Part 3: Shenna tells everyone what Ivory is thinking.


  1. Great Job on your video, I liked that you rewrote your video exactly like the sesame street video. I would recomend that maybe you should've expanded the length more to explaine about rate and proportion.

  2. Great video guys. It was really well explained and I like your examples. Good job and hope to seeing more of your videos.

  3. Good Job, your video is well explained

  4. Good job, you guys! I liked your video! Good job!