Saturday, December 18, 2010

Anabelle's Pay it Forward


(Movie summary)
Trevor, is a young boy who through a project given to him by his teacher Mr. Simonet has effected the lives of countless people. He was able to see the goodness in human nature, and so came up with an idea, that he at first thought had failed. He would do a favour to 3 other people, and they would each do a favour to another 3.

(My take on Paying it Forward)
Paying it forward is when you do a favour for someone else and not get anything in return. Instead, that person must help another person, and so on and so on. So, Instead of it being a endless cycle of favours between two people, it will be a chain of acts of kindness effecting many.

Part 2:
My act of kindness will be to look after my cousins puppy, Hiro, for the weekend. I chose this activity because after they got the puppy I noticed that they have not been getting a lot of free time for themselves. With both parents working and my two cousins in university, they're very busy people.

Part 3:

My act of kindness went pretty well. I've been bitten a few times, but I survived the day, and my cousins are quite grateful.

I spent most of my day, following Hiro around, playing fetch, and taking him outside. As simple, as it sounds it isn't. Take your eyes off him for one second and he's gone. Not only that he's teething and prone to biting people, ie. me. Even putting a leash on him is tedious. Though cute and fuzzy, he has also attacked my brother one or two times, and has also chewed up my camera strap as seen in the film.

After a long day I actually feel quite proud of myself. I mean, even my cousins questioned whether or not I could handle him. It feels really good to do something nice for someone.

They were surprised about the favour, stating it might be a little much to consider it as one, but they were very happy. They were also hesitant at first, but they let me take care of him.

I did explain to them the concept, and asked them to pay it forward after they tried offering me money. Though taken aback by the request they said they would think about it.

part 4:
It is important, because one good deed can effect many people. Sometimes even save lives, like the ones in the movie. The woman who was ready to jump, and the little girl who needed medical attention were both saved, and Trevor didn't even know them.

My act of kindness may or may not have made a difference. I suppose it depends whether or not the people I've helped are willing to pay it forward. If not, I could always try paying it forward again, and again until it does.


  1. Such a cute dog! Your act of kindness was so cool and let's hope that Hiro will "Pay It Forward" by sharing his dog treats with his "doy"friends.

  2. Cute Post Anabelle, I liked your video, it sounded like you had fun. Well I hope your cousins and hiro pay it forward.

  3. Cute puppy. I liked your video. I laughed when you played fetch with him. I'm sure your cousin and Hiro appreciates it.

  4. That was really nice of you to take care of Hiro, Anabelle. I'm sure your cousins would really appreciate it. Great job.