Monday, December 20, 2010

Suzie's Pay it Forward

Part 1:

"Pay it Forward" is a movie about a boy named Trevor who comes up with a plan to make the world a better place. His plan is to do something to help 3 other people, get nothing in return, and those 3 people will help 3 people each, and so on. He helps a homeless man get back on his feet, and he helps his teacher and mother be happy. While he was trying to help a boy named Adam who was getting bullied, Trevor was stabbed and he sadly died. His idea for pay it forward lived on, as you saw at the beginning of the movie.

Part 2:

1) My pay it forward act of kindness was giving a lady I saw every day but didn't talk to much a bunch of cookies.
2) I chose to do this because I saw her every day, but we didn't really talk much besides saying "hi" or "good morning". I thought she might like the cookies.
3) I helped the lady, but I'm not sure giving someone cookies is "helping" them, but it is an act of kindness, I guess.
4) On the way to school, I saw her like I normally do. I told her I had something for her, then I gave her the cookies.
5) I did my act of kindness on my way to school on Monday morning, December 20, 2010 at precisely 8:31 AM. I checked.

A picture of me making cookies

Part 3:

1) My act of kindness went extremely well, I think. It was quick, to the point, and it happened exactly like I hoped it would. A complete success.
2) I gave her the cookies and she seemed surprised, but a good, happy surprise. She said" thank you," and I told her "happy holidays!" Then, I went to school.
3) I felt completely gratified and self contented. I felt really happy that I did something nice for someone, and the good reaction made the hard work of making the cookies completely wear off.
4) The lady was a good kind of surprised at first, then she smiled. A real big smile. She seemed really happy when she walked away with the cookies, and I'm glad.
5) I didn't ask the lady to pay it forward because I was shy. I randomly gave her cookies, and I guess I didn't have the guts to ask her to pay it forward. I considered myself brave enough to have given her the cookies in the first place. Next time I do an act of kindness, I will ask the person to pay it forward.

Part 4:

1) The idea of pay it forward is important because it's and idea that helps make the world a better place. It's a positive idea, and it's good to do nice things for people just because. If you do something nice, then maybe the person you did something nice for will do something nice for someone else. Spread the niceness.
2) I think my act of kindness did make a difference. It might have made the lady think nice thoughts about kids, and how good things can and do happen often. Maybe I don't even need to tell her to pay it forward. Maybe she will on her own.


  1. Great job Suzie. I'm sure she really appreciates your act of kindness. It's funny how you know actually know when you did it.

  2. That's really nice of you to give cookies to that lady. I'm sure she'll be very much appreciated for your act of kindness. Good job.

  3. That lady was probably very fortunate to recieve cookies from a kind person like you!

  4. Also remember that every act of kindeness counts as paying it forward, no matter how small.

  5. Great job Suzie, looks like you were having fun baking the cookies. I'm pretty sure the lady will enjoy your cookies.

  6. Great idea Suzie! Those cookies must of been really good. That lady must of really apreciated your act of kindness, they always say its the little things that get you in life, and its true. I don't think that lady will ever forget that act of kindness. Great job again Suzie!