Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Arun's Pay it Forward

Pay it forward is a random act of kindness someone does and they don't expect anything back in return. The person can chose whether or not to return the favour.

What I did to pay it forward was to donate my old clothes along with Christian to our local donation centre. I chose this way to pay it forward because I know there are a lot of kids less fortunate then me who would need them more than I would.

After driving there, all we had to do was drop off our bags of clothes and someone would pick them up and bring them inside. My act of kindness went great and I felt good after knowing I had helped out someone less fortunate than me.

The idea of paying it forward is very important because it teaches people to not be selfish and show respect for others in need. I know my act of kindness has made a difference.


  1. Great job Arun and Christian, I sure lots of les fortunate people will be happy by your donations.

  2. Well done Arun and Christian. Your post was very strait forward and I liked your use of pictures. That's nice that you recognized that there are people out there who dont have access to baisic necessities that we normally take for granted. You also forgot to add weather you asked the people to pay it forward or not, overall, great job!

  3. Good job, Arun! You added a variety of photos.

  4. Great job Arun and Christian. I'm sure kids will appreciate your donation and i'm sure they are or will be very happy.