Sunday, December 19, 2010

Trisha's Pay It Forward.

Part 1:

(Movie Summary)

Pay It Forward is about a boy named Trevor, he gets a project from his teacher. The project was to effect lives of random people. He started with three people but the first one did work, the point of his doing is to help three people and those three people have to help three more people.

(My opinion on taking it forward)

I think paying it forward is when you do something nice for people and they'll do the same to other people. Then it makes a chain, and everyone is help.. i guess.

Part 2:

My act of kindness that I did was that I altar served at my church, St Edward. I chose this activity because I wanted to make the priest's job easier.

Part 3:

I think it went pretty well, I spent my Sunday serving at the church. I felt that for me God was close to me and this is me paying it forward for all the blessing he gave to me and to my family. The priest thanked me for all the help I provided.

Part 4:

I think the idea of paying it forward is important because doing something nice might effect the person or you and that we can help each other. I hope my act of kindness made a difference.


  1. Cool torch! Your act of kindness was cool and I liked how you thought of giving back to your church.

  2. Your act of kindness was really thoughtful and unique, Trisha. I go to that church, and also used to go to that school, so I'm sure they really appreciate what you're doing

  3. Your act of kindness was really unique. I never would have thought of that. I hope your priest appreciates your act of kindness.

  4. Your Pay it Forward is very different from everyone, I liked that you thought outside the box. I also liked that you helped the priest. I'm pretty sure he appreciates your help.

  5. What a nice idea to help out at church, Trisha. I'm sure the priest would be much appreciated. Good job.